Welcome to my website.  I am the Village Elementary’s nurse.  My name is Lorinda Layton.   Our school is located in York Maine.  Village Elementary is an accredited school for grades K-2. village  I welcome the new and returning students to another school year.

As many parent are aware, this is an exciting time.  Either it is their beginning start of public school or they are returning for another exciting filled year here at VESlorinda_office

For those children who have started their first  year here at VES by either being new to the area or becoming old enough to enter school.  We have a wonderful school filled with great teachers and staff.  Each year is always a little different.  Children get to meet new  friends or teachers.  Children are always excited to tell  you how their day was, so make sure you ask !!

Winter Weather

Outside Recess Determination During the winter months outside recess is determined by a combination of factors.  The outside temperature, wind and precipitation all play a role in determining if students ...
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A Sick Child

What if my child is sick? It is almost certain that your child may be sick during the school year.  It could be your child is sick during the school ...
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Some Things to Remember

Some Reminders Prescription Medications Some of the children who attend Village may be on medications that will need to be taken during the school day. Either a new medicine, such ...
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